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Year 6 Correspondence
Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Cutmore
Year 6 Spring Term newsletter 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back. We hope you had a wonderful festive break and that everyone is well rested and ready for an exciting start to the New Year. Be prepared for a busy term which will be full of creative activities and new challenges for the children.

Our topic this term is ’Around the World in 60 days’. The children will be developing a range of skills incorporating many subjects including Literacy, Geography, Science and ICT. We will be starting our journey around the globe by examining polar landscapes. Tasks will include using Microsoft Excel to manage data, exploring the phenomenon of the ‘Northern Lights’ and researching and creating our own pieces of travel writing. Later this term, we will be exploring other biomes such as rainforests and deserts – examining interdependence and how living creatures have adapted to each environment.


Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Cutmore
Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Cutmore
Year 6 Autumn Term newsletter 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to Year 6, we all hope you have had a restful break over the summer. The Autumn Term is an extremely busy start to an important year for all Year 6 pupils.

The theme for the first half term is “Jail Break!”. The topic will be cross-curricular, incorporating aspects of history, geography, art, science, maths and literacy. We will be studying the changes in crime and punishment from the AngloSaxons to the present day, as well as studying art with a message and creating our own using a variety of mediums. In Science, we will be exploring light and electricity and using our knowledge to create escape equipment and alarm systems.

Each term, the class will be focusing on a quality novel that will move on their learning. This term, we have selected Holes by Louis Sachar. The children are already becoming immersed in the book and are loving it! This text will inform our writing, as well as reading comprehension.

We are all very excited about the trip to the Isle of Wight from Monday 26th September to Friday 30th September. This is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn and challenge themselves in an outdoor environment, and develop their independence and maturity.


The children are expected to read aloud to an adult regularly at home and a record of their reading should be kept in their new reading record books. Please make sure that you still do this and ask them questions about the text they have read as this will help them to prepare for exam style questions. Please understand that although your child may be able to read words very well, it may not necessarily mean that they understand them or the context in which they are reading.


Children will bring home spelling work to carry out at home weekly. This work will be issued on a Friday and will need to be returned for the following Friday’s spelling lesson. It may involve an investigation based around spelling rules or may involve using vocabulary learnt in class in context.

Home learning: Home learning will relate to your child’s classroom work. This will be given out on Friday and is to be returned by Wednesday of the following week. The children will notice that more homework is expected this year; please help them to manage their time carefully and not leave everything until the last minute.


Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Cutmore
Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Smith
Year 6 Summer Term newsletter 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back, we hope you had a restful Easter break and I’m sure everyone is well refreshed and ready for a busy final term.  Whilst we will continue preparing for the formal SATS assessments in May, the pupils will continue to be immersed in a range of creative activities in the other curriculum areas. These will include: food technology, where the children will plan and make a two course meal; music, in which the children will create advertising jingles and silent movie clips; and of course, our summer production - rehearsals for which shall begin shortly!

In Science, our topic will be Adapatation, Evolution and Inheritance; the children will learn through investigation, carrying out a range of practical activities to explore key ideas.  Our Computing focus will be the creation, use and purposes of spreadsheets; the children will learn to use functions and create formulae using Microsoft Excel. The children will also be studying the work of Henry Moore in Art, and recreating some of his sculptures using a range of techniques.

We will be shortly auditioning for parts in the Year 6 end of year production, Olivia.  Children will have the exciting opportunity to perform the show at the Rhodes Theatre which will be a fitting finale to their time in Year 6.  The date for your diary is Tuesday, 19th July at 7.00pm.

In PE, pupils will be playing tennis, rounders and cricket as well as improving their skills in athletics. There will also be the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities as well as representing the school in various inter-school competitions. Sports day will be on Tuesday 23rd June.  


Written by Mrs Kanabahita, Mrs Sears and Mrs Smith