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Football Fixtures – Autumn Term 2016

Thursday 22nd September  Away to St. Joseph's

Tuesday 4th October            Away to Hatfield Broad Oak

Thursday 13th October        Home against Little Hallingbury

Tuesday 18th October          Away to Summercroft

Wednesday 2nd November   Away to Howe Green

Thursday 10th November      Home against Windhill

Wednesday 16th November   Away to Northgate


Football Tournaments 2016/17 (all at Howe Green House School):

Monday 17th October            Wick's Football Tournament Y5/6 Boys after school

Thursday 20th October           Wick's Football Tournament Y5/6 Girls After School

Thursday 24th November       Howe Green Girls' Football Tournament after school Y5/6

Thursday 20th April 2017        PSD Football Tournament   Y3/4 (morning - mixed team)

 Thursday 20th April 2017        PSD Football Tournament    Y5/6 boys (afternoon)

Friday 21st April 2017              PSD Girls' Football Tournament Y5/6 (morning)

Please note that not all children from football club will be selected for every match.