Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is a title used to describe a range of learning needs whether they be Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive or Behavioural.

At Manor Fields we focus on the needs of each child and aim to personalise learning for all. We are proud to be an inclusive school where everyone is valued and their strengths  are recognised. Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children and we ensure that the Special Educational Needs of children are identified early, thoroughly assessed and comprehensively provisioned.

If a child has a Special Educational Need or Disability we aim to create an environment to meet that need. Our goal is to meet each child’s needs through effective differentiation and support. This is carried out through following a growth mindset where there are no limits placed upon a child’s potential and we make reasonable adjustments to meet needs as well as offering additional provision when appropriate. The level of support is regularly reviewed for both short term and long term requirements.

Our school is fortunate to have a qualified Speech and Language Therapist available to work with children in order to identify and address speech and language needs.

We always work closely with parents and their children in order to provide the most comprehensive and effective provision.  Parents are encouraged to meet the SEND Coordinator or the class teacher to discuss their child’s progress, needs and problems and work together to find solutions to enable each child to make the best progress they can.

If you have any concerns regarding SEND please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with the SENCO, Mrs Heledd Mann.

At Manor Fields, we are proud of our friendly and ambitious school where we welcome children from age three to eleven years old. We seek to provide an outstanding education and to genuinely prepare our children for life in the 21st century as global citizens, as well as to ensure that the education we offer provides the solid foundations, confidence and enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Our aims & principles

At Manor Fields School we endeavour to:

  • Promote equality of treatment and equal access to educational opportunity within the school community;
  • Create a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within the school which enables all children to access the curriculum;
  • Foster positive caring attitudes towards everyone, in the community by promoting respect, courtesy, tolerance, teamwork, trust and honesty;
  • Acknowledge and value achievements at all levels in an environment that encourages pride in effort as well as achievement;
  • Encourage increasing independence and self-discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for his/her own behaviour;
  • Apply a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school, in partnership with parents and carers;
  • Make boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and ensure that appropriate behaviour is encouraged and recognised;
  • Promote a sense of direction and feeling of common purpose in an environment which is safe and secure for all in our school community.

There are two basic principles upon which our behaviour policy is based:

  • We believe that when a child demonstrates unacceptable behaviour, it is the behaviour which is unacceptable not the child.
  • We believe it is our duty to promote and encourage positive behaviour and not just react to that which is unacceptable.


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