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School Uniform

School Uniform

You may buy school clothing wherever you wish but the school has an official supplier, Mrs Parrish. She attends the school on a regular basis and stocks various items including Skirts, Trousers, Pinafores, and P.E. shorts. Mrs Parish can be contacted on 01279 656 675 after 5.00pm or by Email lzparrish@yahoo.co.uk

The School Expects The children to wear the following uniform

As below but with royal blue sweatshirt (Manor Fields logo) instead of royal blue knitwear and short-sleeve polo shirt throughout year.

Boys Winter

  • Long grey trousers
  • Royal blue knitwear
  • White shirt (preferably short sleeve) and tie KS1 white short sleeved polo shirt

Boys Summer

  • Grey shorts (optional)
  • Royal blue knitwear
  • Short-sleeve polo shirt (Manor Fields logo optional)
  • Baseball cap (Manor Fields logo preferable)

Girls Winter

  • Grey pinafore or skirt or regulation school grey trousers
  • Royal blue knitwear White blouse (preferably short-sleeve) or white shirt & tie KS1 white short sleeved polo shirt

Girls Summer

  • Pale blue gingham/striped dress (optional)
  • Royal blue knitwear
  • Baseball cap
    (Manor Fields logo preferable)

* Summer uniform is worn in the Summer term and up to the October half term.

Mrs Parrish will be in school on the following dates;

Uniform Notifications

Footwear - To ensure safety and comfort please can all children wear sensible school footwear (not trainers).
Hair - If your child has long hair it is much safer if it is tied back and this also makes it harder for headlice to spread. All juniors with long hair will be required to wear a swimming cap for their swimming lessons. Hair dye or gel is not permitted.
Jewellery - For safety and security reasons, no jewellery should be worn apart from studs in pierced ears and a small watch.