Emergency School Closure Procedures

Severe Weather - Emergency School Procedures

Dear parents,

In the event of snow we intend to keep the school open and function as close to normal as possible with a reduced staff. However, if it is necessary to close the whole school (e.g. threat to the school community’s health and safety, loss of power / water), then we will endeavour to follow the procedures below:

 A message will be displayed on the Home page of the school website,
 A message will be sent via twitter
 An e mail will be sent to parents who have subscribed to Parentmail

It is very important that you refresh your web browser to get any new updates on the school home page otherwise your computer defaults to the last time your page was updated.

In addition to the procedures above, please check the Hertfordshire School Closure website: http://www.imodus.com/summary.aspx?company=99

In order to keep the school open with a reduced staff it may be necessary to close the Nursery and redeploy staff elsewhere in the school. Should this be the case then parents of Nursery children will be notified via the procedures above. The Back Gate Mrs Nicholson, our caretaker, has previously struggled to open the back gate onto St Michaels Mead when the lock is frozen. She will do her best to open it during a cold spell however, if you find it locked, please walk to the front entrance. Mrs Nicholson will endeavour to clear snow from the path leading to the back gate. However, in the event of heavy snow this may not be possible, so if the gate is locked, please use the main entrance. Clothing If there is snow please send your child to school in suitable footwear i.e. W ellington boots or equivalent and the children should bring shoes and spare socks to change into.

Tina Jarman (Head Teacher)

Our aims & principles

At Manor Fields School we endeavour to:

  • Promote equality of treatment and equal access to educational opportunity within the school community;
  • Create a calm, purposeful and happy atmosphere within the school which enables all children to access the curriculum;
  • Foster positive caring attitudes towards everyone, in the community by promoting respect, courtesy, tolerance, teamwork, trust and honesty;
  • Acknowledge and value achievements at all levels in an environment that encourages pride in effort as well as achievement;
  • Encourage increasing independence and self-discipline so that each child learns to accept responsibility for his/her own behaviour;
  • Apply a consistent approach to behaviour throughout the school, in partnership with parents and carers;
  • Make boundaries of acceptable behaviour clear and ensure that appropriate behaviour is encouraged and recognised;
  • Promote a sense of direction and feeling of common purpose in an environment which is safe and secure for all in our school community.

There are two basic principles upon which our behaviour policy is based:

  • We believe that when a child demonstrates unacceptable behaviour, it is the behaviour which is unacceptable not the child.
  • We believe it is our duty to promote and encourage positive behaviour and not just react to that which is unacceptable.


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